dog washing

Service Information

Quatre Pattes Propres offers the following services:

  • Nail clipping – We handle all breeds and dog sizes. We are fully equipped to trim their nails safely.
  • Bathing – The shampoo which is applied, is hypoallergenic, which means it can be used on all dogs regardless of their skin condition without adverse effects. The same consideration is applied to the conditioners, etc. used in bathing.
  • Dematting and brushing – All tools required for dematting, thorough brushing, and removing nasty knots are available here. The equipment meets all the safety standards of the grooming industry.
  • Cutting and trimming – We always consult with the owner before grooming their dog to determine what they desire for their pet. A preliminary examination of the pet is done to inform the owner of any condition he or she might not have noticed. If the desired cut adversely affects the health of the pet, the owner is advised. We will not groom an animal if we believe there is a risk to its health by doing so.
  • Pickup of the pet after grooming – We always request that the owner return after the grooming is over since it is a lot more difficult to do it if he or she is present. An approximate estimate of the grooming time is given but sometimes there are unforeseen issues with the pet that can prolong the grooming process such as knots in sensitive places or other problems not apparent in the preliminary check. When the owner returns, a full review is given including advice on any health or other issues encountered.