Learn more about popular dog breeds

29 Feb, 2016

Learn more about popular dog breeds

Golden Retriever

A friendly medium size dog that is gentle and loves playing with children. It is very obedient and friendly, perfect for the family. However, expect to find much of their hair in the house.

Shih Tzu

Originally from China, this little dog was a favorite of the emperor. It is rather stubborn and playful, but can live well in apartments and be calm and composed.
German shepherd

This medium sized dog is well known for its work in breeding, in assisting those in need and to the police. They are very intelligent and obedient.


Being an average size dog, it is very obedient and good with children. It is often described as a faithful, intelligent and a docile dog, like a Golden Retriever.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire is a small dog that is lively and affectionate, but rather stubborn. It loves playing outside and can be a good guard dog by barking.

Siberian husky

This medium sized dog, often used as a sled dog, is gentle and sociable and perfect for children. Be careful however, as this breed loves to runaway.

Great Dane

This large dog has a good character and is sociable when well educated. Do not be fooled by its size, it is rather easy to train.


It is considered one of the most intelligent dogs and learns quickly. It always needs to work and feel useful.

English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is very playful, smart and affectionate. It has a good character and loves to devour anything it finds.

Saint Bernard

This large dog is known for its alpine rescues. It is soft, but still remains stubborn and takes up a lot of space so you are better off training it correctly.


This small Chinese dog is very friendly with everyone, especially his master. It is sweet with everyone and loves to eat and receive hugs.


The bulldog is a very loving dog that is protective and fearless, especially with children. However, it is also very lazy and quiet.


We must not underestimate this small dog because it can be rather stubborn and sometimes aggressive with other dogs. It is better to educate it well from a young Age.


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