Importance of Dog Grooming

18 Feb, 2016

Importance of Dog Grooming

As a dog owner, you might be wondering why you should spend money and time grooming your dog. Does the dog even notice it has been groomed? I believe you love dogs and that is why you have one.  Dog grooming time is bonding time with your dog. You make the dog feel loved and appreciated.

Why it’s so important to groom your dog

Dog’s fur can be a hiding place for dirt, insects and germs. These make your dog feel uncomfortable and itchy. Moreover, painful sores may develop. Since the dog interacts with your family members, they are likely to suffer from some of these consequences.

When you brush your dog’s fur regularly, you will be able to notice any flaws that need immediate inspection by a veterinarian like dog groomers West Island. Flaws like cuts, swellings, lameness, heat or a change in temperament should not be ignored. Apart from such flaws, your dog’s fur looks nice when it is brushed.

Did you know that your dog relies on you to clean his teeth? Wild canines chew natural items and gnaw their prey to clean their teeth; your dog does not have this privilege. During the dog grooming process, use a good toothbrush to clean your dog’s teeth.

Not everyone enjoys grooming their dog. In that case, you should contact a professional dog groomer like dog groomers West Island. They will give you advice on the services that your dog needs and important information depending on your dog.


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