Dog grooming services in Roxboro

29 Feb, 2016

Dog grooming services in Roxboro

Our dog grooming business in Pierrefonds takes the comfort of your animal at heart, as much as you would. That is why we are committed to providing the best possible service to meet your needs and those of your best canine friend. We have always been close to animals, especially dogs, and have learned to work with their sensitivity. Every dog has a character and a different personality that we understand and respect to gain their trust. Working with dogs is always a rewarding experience because by getting to know them, we are learning a little about us. This is how we can offer a professional, pleasant and rewarding experience.

Les Quatre Pattes Propres dog grooming service in Pierrefonds-Roxboro is there to help you in any kind of situation. We offer basic services such as nail trimming, bathing and combing any dog no matter the size. In addition, we are also there to help you if a small problem occurs. We always take care of your dog even if he has a bad behavior or if he has been sprayed by a skunk. We also know how to care for dogs who have problems with their lugs (fifth toe that doesn’t touch the ground) as well as dogs who have long claws and the ones who have a double coat. Do not worry, whatever happens, we will deal and fix the situation. If you have questions about your dog, please do not hesitate to reach us.

Health is very important to us and we would not groom your dog if there is a risk of harming him. We also give tips and advice at the end of sessions so you can take care of your pet as a professional. Your little friend will be very happy to leave his appointment at Les Quatre Pattes Propres with a healthy and refreshing appearance and most importantly, keep it.

Our dog grooming business in Pierrefonds- Roxboro, Les Quatre Pattes Propres, is committed to providing you the best service in the region for your best canine friend. Contact us now to make an appointment


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