Dog Grooming Procedure

15 Feb, 2016

Dog Grooming Procedure

It is advisable for dog owners to book an appointment with a dog groomer Montreal. Dog owners explain the services they want for their dogs. For most dogs, there is a basic procedure that is followed. After discussing the services required, the dog is prepared for grooming.

What dog grooming involves

The dogs are muzzled to minimize on movements during the dog grooming process.  Tails are trimmed and the ears plucked with some ear powder. Dogs need to brush their teeth also so at this point, their teeth are brushed. Nails are an important part of the dog and they should be trimmed. While trimming, cut the nails up to just before where the curvy part of the nail begins.

The ears are checked to see whether there is an infection. They are then cleaned with medicated cleaner. Having determined the best shampoo for the skin, carefully wash the dog as you check for anything unusual. A brush or comb is then used to distribute the shampoo while massaging. After this, the dog is rinsed and conditioned.

Dogs are then dried using dryers or magnetic towels by dog groomer Montreal. In case the dog owner wants further grooming like dying the dogs hair, it is done at this point. Remember to use warm water when bathing the dog. Shampoo should never be directly applied on a dog’s body; it can cause irritation. Mix the shampoo with water before placing the dog In the bath tub for dog grooming.


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