Les Quatre Pattes Propres: Dog grooming service in Dollard des Ormeaux

29 Feb, 2016

Les Quatre Pattes Propres: Dog grooming service in Dollard des Ormeaux

Les Quatre Pattes Propres offers grooming service for dogs in the West Island so you can keep your friend looking at his best. We are very patient with animals and take good care of them because we love them as much as you do. Your dog will have the chance to be pampered and receive a makeover thanks to our special attention to their needs and yours. We work with all breeds of dogs and have learnt to know them over the years. You can rest assured that we will demonstrate professionalism, compassion and respect for you and your pet so that you are both treated with comfort.

Our grooming business in the West Island is open seven days a week and our customers can reach us easily at any time. We offer many services related to grooming your dog: bathing with a hypoallergenic shampoo suitable for any type of dog, disentangling unpleasant knots with our tools, shaving depending on what you want for your pet and trimming nails safely. We take your canine friends health to heart and will not shave or trim claws if there is a risk to his health. You will also be informed of any health problems that your dog may have at the end of the appointment to give you the best advice on how to take care of it.

We ask you to let us take care of the animal while you are gone, because it is easier to take care of your dog when you’re not there. He will only love you and be distracted by your presence. We then give an estimate of the time grooming your dog should take and give you a time frame to come back and get him. If your dog has knots or is more sensitive than what we observed at the beginning it may take a little longer than expected. At the end, a comprehensive review is done and you can walk away with your now refreshed and groomed friend. He will be very happy to have been pampered and look healthy and refreshing.

Les Quatre Pattes Propres is committed to offering you the best dog grooming service in the West Island for the best price. We look forward to meeting you and your best friend. Contact us now to make an appointment.


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