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18 Feb, 2016

Importance of Dog Grooming

As a dog owner, you might be wondering why you should spend money and time grooming your dog. Does the dog even notice it has been groomed? I believe you love dogs and that is why you have one.  Dog grooming time is bonding time with your dog. You make the dog feel loved and […]

16 Feb, 2016

Best tools for Dog Grooming

Dogs have a right to be clean and to be regularly taken care of for hygiene purposes. This process is known as dog grooming. When the process is carried out, a dog’s appearance changes and it gives off a good scent. Professional dog groomers use specialized dog grooming tools to achieve the best results. Tools […]

15 Feb, 2016

Dog Grooming Procedure

It is advisable for dog owners to book an appointment with a dog groomer Montreal. Dog owners explain the services they want for their dogs. For most dogs, there is a basic procedure that is followed. After discussing the services required, the dog is prepared for grooming. What dog grooming involves The dogs are muzzled […]