Best tools for Dog Grooming

16 Feb, 2016

Best tools for Dog Grooming

Dogs have a right to be clean and to be regularly taken care of for hygiene purposes. This process is known as dog grooming. When the process is carried out, a dog’s appearance changes and it gives off a good scent. Professional dog groomers use specialized dog grooming tools to achieve the best results.

Tools for the skin

Slicker brushes are used after grooming the dog but just before bathing it. The brush is used on the legs, on its body and areas where knotting takes place. The brush removes matting and dead undercoat. When such brushing is done, the shampoo and water easily penetrate to a dog’s skin when washing it.

Metal combs are used after the slicker brush. Its main areas of focus are between the toes and the toes themselves. Tails are a commonly forgotten place where the metal brush is also helpful. A Shedding blade has short, dull teeth which remove dead hair on harsh coats.

Rakes are best for double coated dogs. They penetrate past the overcoat to remove the dead hair on the dog’s undercoat. It is more efficient than a standard comb. Another use for the tool is untangling and dematting. Coat king is used before clipping. Its main job is to remove the thick undercoat and loose hair.

Tools for the hair

Curry brush is made out of plastic or rubber and it has short teeth. The purpose of the tool is to detangle hair around the paws, tail and ear region. It is good for dogs with long fur. The tool loosens dirt that has attached itself to the fur.

When the brush is rubbed on the dog’s fur, it stimulates the dog’s skin to produce natural oils.  Metallic brushes are not used for this purpose; they can harm the dog. Only experts like Dog groomers Montreal are allowed to carry out this kind of service as it is sensitive.

Stripping combs or knives are mostly used on show dogs. Stripper combs pull out long hair on harsh coats from the root.

Clippers or scissors are good for cutting hair in sensitive areas in a dog. They are also good for cutting hair on some types of coats. Most clippers have a blunt tip to prevent injuries to the dog while cutting the hair; especially for dogs that cannot hold still. The recommended length is between 6.5-9 inches.

Tools for drying

Stand dryers can be hand held, stand driers or cage driers. Dog groomers Montreal use them after a dog is washed to dry them. Some people use human dryers after dog grooming but they are not recommended as they can cause skin sores, scalp irritation or dry skin.


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