Grooming and bathing of dogs and cats

Quatre Pattes Propres is dedicated to providing quality grooming service to all dog and cat breeds. This groomer strives to consider the groom the owner requires while showing respect and compassion for the pet. Quatre Pattes Propres believes all pets should have their best interest at heart and be cared for in a manner which their owners would approve. Here all should feel comfortable knowing that their beloved pet is being treated with professionalism,compassion and respect.

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About Me

Since a very early age I have always been involved with dogs and other animals. Often I brought home wild animals I had found while wandering the fields and swamps near my home. One of these was a seagull with a broken wing. I also saved a groundhog that was weakened by melting snow which trapped it at the entrance of its burrow. Then there was the baby racoon whose mother had been killed by a lynx. I learned through direct experience that there are many misconceptions the general public has towards dogs and other animals. I always knew we are dealing with sentient beings. Each one has a character and personality of its own. As groomers we never stop learning from our four-legged clients. Each dog has individual qualities regardless of breed. When we respect an animal’s particular character, we can gain their confidence in us. This is what makes dog grooming an enjoyable and rewarding profession.

  • Position: Founder
  • Responsible for: All services.

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